About Us

Why would we create Nomad?

We have had this long-time goal of opening a coworking space, inspired by our experiences working remotely & globally for the last decade.

As we traveled to different places, we realized that we needed productive space to get our remote work done. Our hotel room or rental was never quite right for productive and focused work. We quickly recognized the "locally owned coworking office" was always the place to use as our hub for work while traveling. Not only are they great for working, we would also capture much of the local vibe and were given wonderful advice on where to go and experience the area.

We saw a need for this type of hub for our community. Not only is it helpful for visitors of Algiers Point, but it's an important resource for anyone living in the area needing the space to get work done that isn't their own home.

Our community is not limited to only what happens within Nomad, we focus on the entire neighborhood around us. There's a reason we are located in Algiers Point, the people and the businesses of the area are welcoming and exceptional. We want to do everything possible to support the success of our surrounding community. Whether it is partnering in common initiatives or aiding in promoting locally ran businesses. We want Algiers Point to thrive while keeping our neighborhood a "Magical" place. 

Kirsten and I are excited to share this space with you. We truly believe Algiers Point has so much to offer, and are humbled to be a part of a community that has always given us that "true New Orleans feel".